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Zheen Center has its own Bookstores which contains Books & Periodicals. There are three kinds of libraries in the center:

  1. Central Library:

We in Zheen Center considered that there is no special library in Kurdistan, which provides specialized resources on particular subjects to help researchers in finding references in their special interests, such as Kurdish, Iranian, Ottoman’s, Islamic and Arabic studies.

So since 2005, a Central Library was established, which contains more than 48,000 books of particular subjects and periodicals.

  1. The very valuable old books and periodicals are kept in the Rare books Library.
  2. Personal Libraries; The personal valuable bookstores of some of late Kurdish and Iraqi intellectuals (Shekh M. Khall, Hilal Naji, Dr. Kamal & Dr. Ehsan, Abdulla Agreen) were donated to the center by their families.