Students’ visits

The board of Zheen center had a project from 2009 to cooperate with directorate general of education of Sulaymaniyah and prepare a schedule for the school visits to Zheen center in order to make the students familiarized with the activities and works of the center, but unfortunately due to the busy schedule the project was postponed, but this didn’t stop some school principals and University lecturers to arrange visits for the students to Zheen center and the following are some of those visits:

– The visit of the first grade students of media department-University of Sulaymaniyah on 2013-03-24.

– The visit of the 10th and 11th grade students of literary department of Kharman high school for girls on 05/11/2013.

– The visit of the 9th grade students of Bekhud intermediate school for girls on 16/12/2013.

– The visit of the history department students of Soran University on 15/02/2014.

– The visit of the student of Badrkhan School on 25/02/2014.

– The visit of more than 100 students of Bekhal coeducational school in two groups with the principal Srwa Abdulrahman and some teachers on 14 & 16/05/2017, in this visit the importance and goals of archiving was presented for the student, in addition the duties and activities of zheen center were presented, then the students visited all Zheen center sections, so they were pleased with the visit.