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The ceremony of publishing Galawezh magazine

Zheen center held a ceremony in Piramerd Hall in Zheen building in the afternoon of 2017-04-06 for announcing the publishing of all the issued volumes of Galawezh magazine in seventeen volumes, many visitors attended the ceremony. The presenter Jamal Lolo started the ceremony with welcoming the guests and a moment of silence for the martyrs of Kurds and Kurdistan liberation, later Mr. Sidiq Salih Zheen center board member and the coordinator of the ceremony mentioned the importance of Galawezh magazine and the mark left by the Galawezh copyright owner Ibrahim Ahmad, the editor-in-chief Aladin Sujady, the assistants Abdulqadir Qazaz & Fayaq Hoshyary and the magazine financier Ali Kamal Bagg. Then he mentioned all the steps in preparing the magazine for printing and publishing. Unfortunately the documentary film about the magazine which was prepared by Jamal Lollo, couldn’t be presented due to some technical issues. Later Payez musical group and the singer Bezhan singed the song (Shirin Bahara) which gave an energetic atmosphere to the ceremony.

At last the magazine was offered for sale (each volume for 80,000 IQD) and it was in great demand by the guests.